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St Michael’s Promise dates back almost 300 years to when New England was still mostly a young an untamed land. Born of the need to rid humanity of existential supernatural threats and protect the Lex Magica, awakened puritan ministers banded together in a secret society to combine their investigative and martial efforts in combating these threats. Named after the promise St Michael made to bring a choir of angels to smite the unholy, they made their homes among Boston’s many churches, even as their particular brand of faith wained against tides of catholics, jews, and others that made footholds in New England. There were always men of faith who understood that there were dangers unseen.

As it stands today, St Michael’s Promise is not nearly as religious an organization, but is still dedicated to fighting threats from beyond normal mortal ken. They are keepers of a library of grimoires, each detailing true names of demons and angels alike, untold numbers of monsters, specters, forgotten gods who make awaken some day, and other things besides. Its members know that many a mage would love access to such a library to leverage its secrets, which is why they must keep it locked away from prying eyes, and only reveal that which must be known to combat a current enemy.

• Reverend
• Bloodhound
• Tien Wu
• Young Dragon


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St Michael's Promise

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